Medicare Supplements

Private Insurance Companies like Green Bee Insurance in the Fort Lauderdale area offer medicare supplement plans that are regulated by the State Department of Insurance. These plans are separate from Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Part A is required coverage and Part B is optional. Medicare Supplements are purchased to provide extra insurance coverage in addition to Medicare Part A and Part B.

Some states require designated Medicare Supplement plans also be available to people under age 65 and eligible for Medicare due to disability (different application forms may be required). Policy benefits are identical for people over or under age 65. Premiums are based on Preferred or Standard, age, sex, State/Area.

Do you want to learn more about Medicare Part A and Part B or details on the medicare supplement plans available to the Fort Lauderdale area?

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Why Do I Need This Protection?

Most people lose their healthcare coverage when they retire. Medicare covers some of the healthcare costs, but not all. A single hospital stay can leave you responsible for thousands of dollars. A Medicare Supplement plan would help pay some of the cost. For example, some Medicare Supplement plans cover the Medicare Part A deductible and excess doctor’s charges. Excess doctor’s charges, as defined by Medicare, are charges not approved by Medicare that you are still responsible for paying.

What Does Green Bee Insurance Offer?

Here are a few common features of the Medicare Supplement plans offered to the Fort Lauderdale area:

  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Portable – policy stays in force even if you move or change jobs
  • Policy can’t be canceled as long as premiums are paid on time
  • Also available as a group plan