Ep 8: Understanding Your Medicare Options

Ep 8: Understanding Your Medicare Options

We’re talking all about Medicare on today’s show because we get questions quite often about this healthcare program. Before you make any decisions on coverage, it’s important to understand everything about Medicare because it’s unlike any other plan you used while working. 

Join us on this episode of the podcast to dive into some of the common questions people have and get a better understanding of how we discuss Medicare with clients.

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section:
0:53 – Medicare isn’t simple
1:50 – Seeking expert help
4:10 – Coverage options
5:29 – We’re not concerned with personal affairs
7:13 – Traumatic life events
9:10 – One important thing to know

There’s a lot of different decisions that you need to make and Medicare is a different animal than what most people are used to.

Josh Greenberg