Ep 7: Welcome to the Retirement Restaurant

Ep 7: Welcome to the Retirement Restaurant

It’s been said you can eat food that’s healthy, cheap, or easy but you can’t get all three at once. At best you can get 2 out of the 3. Maybe you can go out to a restaurant, it’s easy and maybe healthy but it’s not going to be cheap. Is retirement planning and financial investing the same way?

It’s similar with your money. With investments, you can choose safety, growth, or liquidity. Cash is safe and it’s liquid, but it’s not growing meaning you’re probably losing money to investments. Stocks are growing and liquid, but you have to be prepared for market downturns. Annuities are safe and growing, but not liquid. Therefore, it’s about finding the right healthy mix and making a plan that we are comfortable with in the long term. 

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0:51 – Safety, growth, liquidity

4:40 – You don’t seat yourself

There’s not really this perfect investment for a one-size fits all… Too many times we see people looking for these investments and that’s why a lot of people got scammed back in the day.

Josh Greenberg