Ep 4: Financial Pain Points in Retirement

Ep 4: Financial Pain Points in Retirement

Retirement planning is as much about addressing an individual’s concerns and needs as it is about accumulating a bunch of assets. On this episode, we’re going to identify the most common pain points we see in retirement and tell you how to address them.

When it comes to financial planning, everyone deals with pain points that cause worry and uneasiness. We see it all the time and that’s why we build plans that address the pain points specific to your individual needs.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to relate to a few of these on the show today because they are the most common problem areas we see from people that come into our office for the first time. We’ll tell you why they cause pain for retirees and what you can do to get ahead of these areas so you can retire with confidence.

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0:46 – Running out of money in retirement

1:54 – Taxes

3:49 – Long-term care

5:15 – Replacing a paycheck

7:28 – When is the market crash?

8:54 – Easing that uncertainty

Once you give someone that plan and that map, what it does is let’s them know that they’re able to spend money they have without this fear of running out of it.

Josh Greenberg