Ep 3: Busting Financial Myths

Ep 3: Busting Financial Myths

When it comes to retirement planning there are a lot of myths out there. On today’s episode, we are going to break down some common financial myths and what you should be focusing on instead when saving for the future.

Just because a plan is complex and weighs a lot, is it a better plan? Josh wants his clients to feel confident in their plan and confidence comes from understanding that plan. If you want a simple retirement, you probably don’t need a complex plan.

Many people think they only need a will, but that’s not necessarily true. Trusts and estate plans can save your family a lot of time and stress. What other myths are out there and how can they mislead you?

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0:56 – Complex plans are better

3:06 – You only need a will

4:04 – My spouse will be okay

5:41 – When I retire, I need to shift to bonds

The best financial plan you can have is a plan that you understand.

Josh Greenberg