Ep 1: Getting to Know Your Host, Josh Greenberg

Ep 1: Getting to Know Your Host, Josh Greenberg

We are excited to introduce the first episode of My Sweet Retirement! On this podcast, your host Josh Greenberg will be discussing the important financial topics you need to know to have a bright financial future. Join us today as we get to know Josh and his financial philosophy a little better

Welcome to the first episode of Your Sweet Retirement where we will be exploring the information you need to know to effectively reach your financial goals, so your retirement can be sweeter than honey! On this inaugural episode, we’ll be introducing your host Josh Greenberg and getting to know him and his financial philosophy a little bit better. 

His passion for helping people with their finances started way back in college when he learned about the Rule of 72. Today, Josh is a financial advisor with Green Bee legacy where he’s able to help people reach their goals with a thorough financial plan. While some people have great products, they don’t always have a great plan and Josh is hoping to help those people prepare for the future. 

For our clients, having a financial plan means you are informed and knowledgeable about how your money is working and what your future will look like. Not only do we want to ensure you’ll make it through retirement, but we also want to make sure both spouses are protected if something were to happen to the other. 

With the volatility of today’s world, it’s always nice to have a trusted person in your corner and that’s exactly who Josh is for his clients. He’s been doing this a long time and has been able to help a lot of people feel safer and more confident in their retirement planning journey. We want you to have a truly sweet retirement and this podcast will help you gain the knowledge and confidence you’ll need for a bright financial future. We will be back next week as we start our financial conversation with you! 

Listen to the full podcast or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific section. 

0:36 – Introducing your host!

1:39 – Learning about the rule of 72

2:42 – How we are helping our clients

4:07 – Best part of being an advisor

5:07 – Josh has been doing this a long time

6:14 – Creating a comprehensive approach

7:09 – What does Josh like to do on the weekends?

9:14 – Who does Josh hope to reach?

9:54 – Who is his typical client?

11:18 – Check out the radio show

12:15 – Check us out on YouTube

12:48 – Legacy and estate planning

14:07 – We’re going to cover a lot on this podcast

It’s about more than wealth. It’s about your family. It’s about the fun times you want to have and the things you want to do. With me taking care of the financial aspect, you can go do that and enjoy yourself…

Josh Greenberg